About Us

Krispy Addicts

Kut From A Different Fabric

KRISPY ADDICTS is a street stylish clothing brand created for those who love being “KRISPY” (fashionable) so much so that it’s an addiction.  KRISPY ADDICTS was chosen by the people to bring awareness to the many issues that plague today’s social climate.  It attempts to bring all people together by means of fashion and creativity.  KRISPY ADDICTS accepts the role of spearheading a new innovative movement through fashion, and being a beacon of revolutionary change similar to that of              Crispus Attucks.
“I am a Krispy Addict
Kut from a different fabric
Krispyness keeps calling my name
No other brand feels the same
I get withdrawals without it, sweaty palms and shaky hands
Seeking recovery is not in my plans”